Stam Exceeds Expectations in Tube Fabrication.

Founded in 1973 to produce tubular fabrications for the heavy truck industry, Stam is one of the most respected custom tube bending service companies. Today, the company has expanded substantially – now producing custom tube bending for markets including marine, aerospace, agriculture, food preparation equipment, construction equipment and specialty vehicle markets. A one-stop world-class supplier, Stam specializes in low-to-medium volume components – bending tube and pipe from 1” to 6” in diameter and fabrication of tube assemblies through 16” in diameter. Their tube bending services include:

  • Rotary Draw Bending – perfect for products where bend cosmetics are important, as well as applications with extremely small dimensional tolerances.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Bending – reducing inventory with production synchronized to the demands of the customer. With Expedited Production Service, Stam easily meets unexpected demand as well.
  • Precision Tube Bending – ensuring the tightest seal and leak-proof installation of tubular parts for fixtures, tools and gauges. Stam also uses Photogrametric Technology to develop predictive models and reverse engineer sample parts.
  • Tubular Fabrication – producing adapters and fittings that use a wide variety of tube materials and shapes, including square, rectangular, oval tube and extruded shapes.
  • CNC Tube Bending – automatically manipulating a tube to precisely position bends relative to each other, giving Rotary Draw Bending even more speed and precision.
  • An Optical Tube Measuring System – advanced equipment that allows Stam to reverse engineer a prototype or production sample, develop capability studies, and confirm flexible line dimensions.

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